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The Big Girl Check List! (5 things that make you feel like you're adulting)

alela smith
The Big Girl Check List! (5 things that make you feel like you're adulting)


I know I can’t be the only one who has stood in line behind a women in Target that had on an effortlessly chic looking sweat suit, a perfect messy bun, a pair of crisp Sam Smith’s and a subtle but intoxicating scent that makes you think she must really have her “boo boo” together. Then she reaches into her classic designer handbag for her matching wallet that looks just as organized as she does to pay and you feel sick. Truth: She really may not have it together, she just looks like she does and you can too while getting your life! Here’s a checklist for you:


A Signature Fragrance

Your personal scent/ perfume ushers you into a room. Why not pick something memorable? Take the time to figure out what your signature fragrance(s) will be. On a casual afternoon parooze a perfume counter to grab a few samples. You don’t have to make any decisions on the spot. Spend a few days wearing each sample to see what you like. Think about what scents you like, think about the season. For example in the spring/ summer go for fresher brighter scents. In the fall pick warmer scents.  If you are not sure where to start here is a great link to give you some ideas . Go a step further if you really want to be fancy, figure out how to layer scents for a unique blend. That way you don’t smell like every other girl that is wearing the popular scent of the season. (insert post link for layering perfume)

Unique/Meaningful Jewelry 

One of my favorite finds is a necklace with the Roman Numeral 12 that represents my daughter’s birthday 12-12-12. I wear it almost daily if not a few times a week. It goes with almost everything and is memorable.  Pick something that you can wear daily, be known by, has sentimental value, or all of the above. It doesn’t have to be a necklace, it can be a bracelet, stud earrings, an anklet or a ring. If you don’t have anything take a moment and treat yourself to something special. Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

A Nice Wallet or Wristlet 

 Yes a nice wallet… a girl that has a nice handbag is one thing, but the girl that takes out her matching wallet or nice wallet to pay for something gets an extra dose of respect from me. It offers a certain level of maturity and organization. Think about it, wouldn’t you feel polished pulling out your organized handbag accessory while running errands? For some reason a nice wallet holds more weight than the Hello Kitty one you’ve had for the past 9 years. Sometimes it’s the little things that give you confidence and make you feel like you’ve got it together, and who doesn’t want that? Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be name brand, leather (if you are not into that) or the same as your bag, just make sure it’s quality, organized and polished. This small investment can be an instant pick me up, and make you feel like the grown up we are all trying so hard to be.

Nice Underwear

 I have done a post or two about how important a good bra is (reference). Aside from comfort, it is kind of a right of passage. Underwear and pj’s can help you feel pretty, confident and embrace your womanhood. Most of us haven’t thought about the type of bra we like; demi, push up, padded, under wire, no underwire, racerback etc. The same could be said for panty cut or pajama preference, when was the last time you really thought about your panties beyond do I have panty lines in this outfit, or considered a world beyond a tank top and shorts to sleep in? Try being intentional, go shopping for new pj’s, go to the mall with the goal of figuring out your bra size and don’t just buy the first panty you see in your size. Go on a panty and bra shopping spree every so often.  Treating yourself to some new undies or pj’s is another easypick me up and way to define your style and make you feel pulled together. I find shopping of any kind invigorating. Investigate, you may find out something new about yourself.

A Fancy Shoe

However you interpret this apply it. A fancy shoe could be a pair of Nike Air Max's or Louboutin's it's your world!  Go with something classic that you can wear for years to come This one can be a bigger investment than the others.  When you’re looking make sure you buy something comfortable, classic, and well made.  An amazing pair of black pumps, I have a Ralph Lauren pair that I will never give up, they can take you from office to cocktail party and everywhere in between.  Find a pair that suits your personal style, don’t invest in a stiletto if your are more comfortable in flats.  If a ballet flat or a boot is what defines you then that is your investment piece.  Investigate, try on, and find a shoe that when you put it on you want to show it off and do a little dance.  Accessories are what pull you together, polish your look, and turn heads.  A great pair of shoes can take an ordinary outfit to another level.

The confidence in being a woman and adulting comes from within but it doesn't hurt to have the outside to show what the inside is doing!