alela smith

Abracadabra!!!! (Party Shoe Tricks)

alela smith
Abracadabra!!!! (Party Shoe Tricks)

Shoes are pretty much every girl’s secret lover! There is just something about shoes that makes most girls feel bubbly inside. However, shoes can get pretty pricey. I am one that believes in spending my coins where they count. A personal rule I live by is to spend money on a good classic that I can wear from season to season and less on a trendy, throw-away item. The classic black pump that I can wear any time, any day, any season, I am here for it! For example, the pricey but timeless basic Louboutin - sign me up! Not so much for the neon green Louboutin with spikes. Though an amazing shoe, they will be dated by the time you leave the store.

Here are some easy pointers to remember:


Shop Sale-

  • Shopping for party and night out shoes on sale is a good play to start. Novelty shoes are in today and out tomorrow. Whether it is designer or Marshalls or the perfect intersection of designer at Marshalls! Score!! Buy your novelty shoes at a low cost.

Anti Designer-

  • You don’t have to have a designer shoe at all times. I mean, unless you just have it like that. But for most, if you want to keep your piggy bank from a harsh famine save your money. Think about brands like Steve Madden (regular or on sale depending on your budget), Just Fabb, Lily’s Kloset, TJ Maxx, Zara or Topshop to name a few.

Hello Lover-

  • Never underestimate the sale section on your favorite website. You may find new love... shoe love!

Rotation Is Key-

  • By keeping your cost low on party/night out shoes, you leave room in your budget to have a good variety of party shoes, to spend more money on your clothes and to rotate out the shoes you’re no longer feeling without having made a big investment.


  • Keep in mind inexpensive shoes can be uncomfortable, but heck to tell the truth so can expensive ones. Invest in shoe petals, insoles and various cushions to prevent foot pain.


  • Quality is still key. Try not to buy the shoes with the obvious plastic heel or the wobbly, weak heel and or construction. Go for materials like ultra suede that really mimics real suede and not so shiny vegan leather (the new pc fashionable way of saying “pleather”).

Go Wild-

  • . This is a chance to pick shoes that you can have a little fun with as a tester. Metallics, bows, stones...take your pick!

Super Size-

  • If you buy shoes online, think about going one size up for comfort!


Spend more on your timeless shoes, classic pumps, the perfect strappy heel (black, gold, silver), platforms.

Spend less on your rhinestone, crazy heel and rainbow colored stilettos.

Keep comfort in mind.

Have Fun!